by Maniac Force

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1 - The First Attack
2 - Metal Invasion
3 - Troops Of Death
4 - Maniac Force
5 - Mentally Insane


released November 9, 2008



all rights reserved


Maniac Force Mongaguá, Brazil

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Track Name: The First Attack (intro)
Track Name: Metal Invasion

When night falls in the dark city
Headbangers are ready to fight
Walking through the streets drinkin' beers
Violence will rule tonight
Destroying the posers and all the falses
Making them bleed 'til death
Pure energy in front of the stage
Bangers in union we stand!

Feel the force of alcohol burning in your brain
The power of metal is running in your veins

Violent sound intense and loud
Directly into the brain
Into the crowd,thrashin' all around
Banging heads against the stage
This is our place here there's no rights
Metal is all that we need
Stage-dives and suicidal moshes
Violence into the pit

Feel the force of alcohol burning in your brain
The power of metal is running in your veins

Violent sound intense and loud
Smashin' your brain
Into the crowd,thrashing all around
Bangers in union we stand
Track Name: Troops Of Death
Troops Of Death

Pieces of bodies scattered on the ground
Missiles destroying and killing all around
Machineguns firing, blood over the ash
Children crying and bleeding until the death

Troops of death

Useless war total annihilation
Innocent people condemned to execution
Poisoned gas, smell of death is in the air
Radioactivity spreads the plague real fast
Track Name: Maniac Force

Feel the devastation of metal inside your head
Feel the power burning in your soul
We play it fast and loud,bangin' until the end
Thrashin' like a maniacs here we go!
Metal is our religion,we spit on the cross
We don't care about that false god
All that we want in this fucking world
Are girls, heavy metal and alcohol

We spit on the cross,because we're maniac force

Facing all the bastards,thrash with no remorse
Smashing all the posers like worms
We kick some fucking ass,kill without regrets
Extreme agression against the bastards slobs
Another lesson in violence,we follow the old school
Fighting for what we believe
Metal devastation we celebrate upon the stage
Drinking beers and thrashing into the pit

We thrash with no remorse,because we're maniac force

We drink until we drop,because we're maniac force
Track Name: Mentally Insane
Mentally insane

I feel the hatred inside me
Demons possessing my soul
The flames of hell burning my flesh
Feelings out of control

Morbid visions insane thoughts
A torment without end
Into the darkness of insanity
I'm feel so close to death

Trapped in mind, mentally insane
Panic spreads over mind
Under a spell, voices of hell
Bringing disgrace to my life

Terrible nightmare, this can´t be real
Voices echoing in my head
Possessed by evil forces of hell
I'm feeling the taste of the death

My mind is blank, my brain is decayed
Mentally insane
My soul will burn in the flames of hell